Besides my name, Irma, I also got courage, openness, and the love and happiness of life from my parents. In my childhood I used to watch the acrobats in the circus in awe, and wondered how they can so easily move in the air, stretch, and jump into and and jump into each other's arms. I also loved the way the rope-dancers walked with great confidence on the tightrope. Not surprisingly, I wanted to be one of them. However, after a knee-injury, life led me in another direction. I took pedagogy and became a kindergarten teacher. After that I studied lifestyle counseling and pastoral care, as health (both physical and mental) was always important to me. Now that my children have grown up and I found a partner who is very supportive, encouraging, collaborative and has a similar way of thinking, I feel it is my time to make my childhood-dreams come true. My age doesn't matter here, the point is believing it is possible if I do my best. The more I do, the better I feel which is the most wonderful thing.

Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training Certificate