As a child I liked to do gymnastics and to run. I was 5 years old when my father installed a stretching bar and a ring swing in the garden of our house. I played there and on the climbing frames. When I saw acrobatic stunts in a dance musical, I wanted to become an acrobat. Then airplanes flew over our city, and I enthusiastically collected the thrown out flyers. At that time I wanted to become a pilot. Very soon it turned out that I was better at mathematics, so I became a mathematician. In order to remain connected to sports, I took part in ball games. During my years at university, I was trained as a glider pilot, and today I teach flying as an instructor. I have been dancing for many years, and for some years I have also been doing yoga and intensive Acro Yoga. I still go to dance and acrobatic classes, and love sharing the joy of Acro Yoga with others.

"In my childhood I thought that acrobatics was a game. Today I know."

Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training Certificate